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Shouldn't I have known that by now? 

Even at my age, I am learning new things everyday, but sometimes I am surprised that I did not learn some of these things earlier. How did I make it to this stage of my life without knowing this stuff? Shouldn't I have known that by now? This site is my way of sharing some practical tips, tasty recipes, vacation ideas, life accounts and random knowledge. Some stuff you will already know, some stuff you may never need to know, but hopefully you will find a few useful tidbits. If not, then I hope you will at least find some entertainment as I share my insights and stories. Welcome to my life!

Breakfast Smoothie

Posted 1/25/2021

I have never liked normal breakfast foods. When having breakfast at a restaurant, T will order the classic eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast; I will get a burger and fries. In high school, I would eat a tuna sandwich or tomato soup at 6:30am before getting on the school bus. In my 20’s and 30’s, I enjoyed bagels, muffins, pancakes, or waffles; but as I get older, I am more focused on eating healthier.

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Off-Leash Dogs

Posted 1/21/2021

Image by Mat Coulton from PixabayImage by Mat Coulton from PixabayI love dogs. I love cats and horses and fish and even snails. I love all creatures, except perhaps mosquitos. I have not found a positive thing yet to say about mosquitos! Dogs might be my favourite, however. There have not been many times in my life when I did not have a dog in my home. I understand that dog ownership comes with responsibility and that includes having control of your dog at all times. 

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Cabarete, Dominican Republic - Part 2

Posted 1/16/2021

Continuing on with our trip to Cabarete, I would like to share a few of the experiences we had while visiting the beautiful Dominican Republic. Most of these experiences were amazing, a few were intimidating, one was a silly blunder, but all were educational! My hope is that you can learn a little about Cabarete, discover a few places to go, and find some things to do.

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Cabarete, Dominican Republic - Part 1

Posted 1/9/2021

I consider our trip to Cabarete as our introduction to travelling. We had previously been to a few places in the United States and Mexico, and had spent a day in the Bahamas during a short cruise, but those trips felt more like vacations; we had not stepped out of our comfort zone. In the Dominican Republic, we started to learn that people in other countries might live a little differently than we do.

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