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Should I have known that by now? 

Even at my age, I am learning new things everyday, but sometimes I am surprised that I did not learn some of these things earlier. How did I make it to this stage of my life without knowing this stuff? Should I have known that by now? This site is my way of sharing some practical tips, tasty recipes, vacation ideas, life accounts and random knowledge. Some stuff you will already know, some stuff you may never need to know, but hopefully you will find a few useful tidbits. If not, then I hope you will at least find some entertainment as I share my insights and stories. Welcome to my life!

Stock Tank Fishpond - Part 1 - The Build

Posted 4/9/2021

Last week I mentioned to T that I would like it if he and the Boy would build me a water feature for our deck as a Mother’s Day present. I had an idea in mind using concrete that I needed to draw out and show T, but since we were out on a bike ride, I told him I would explain it when we were finished. By the time we made it home, the wheels were already turning in T’s head and he asked if I would like an above-ground fishpond instead. Well, of course I would!!

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Eggplant Lasagna (Vegetarian)

Posted 3/15/2021

This is one of my favorite vegetarian meals. Even the most dedicated meat eater will love this lasagna. I grew up in a meat and potatoes family; I had never tried eggplant, arugula, ricotta, or pecorino. I had no idea what I was missing!! You can substitute spinach for the arugula in the pesto, and parmesan for the pecorino if needed, but these two ingredients really make this lasagna shine. If you only try one new recipe this year, make it this one!

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Everglades National Park, Florida

Posted 3/6/2021

Photos by Garl's Coastal KayakingPhotos by Garl's Coastal KayakingOne of the most unique and exciting experiences I have ever had was the day we spent in Everglades National Park. From pig frogs to crocodiles, from bromeliads to periphyton; I saw creatures and plants I had never seen in real life before. We went hiking through the cypress domes, kayaking through the mangrove tunnels, and on a night walk down the Anhinga Trail.

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What Breed Am I? - Part 2

Posted 2/26/2021


When I sent Ozzie’s saliva off to be DNA tested, I had suspicions as to his breed makeup. His look was unique, he had strong personality traits, and he had been rescued from an island in the Caribbean. I was fortunate to be in contact with the families who had adopted two of Ozzie’s brothers, so I had information about them as well. I was being a bit mischievous when I asked you to guess Ozzie’s breeding since I already had an idea that he would have an unusual ‘breed’ in his DNA.

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