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Reverse Hanger Hack

Posted 2/2/2021

I like the simple things in life. Or it might be more accurate to say that I like life to be simple. For example, I love to eat, but I do not like to manage my diet. Of course, I really enjoy a tasty meal, nonetheless, I have always wondered if people would be better off eating a measured amount of a completely balanced kibble; like dog food, but better tasting! 

The amount eaten could be adjusted as needed to maintain an ideal body score. Maybe this is just my years spent around cows, horses, and dogs showing, but imagine the possibilities. You never have to plan meals, grocery shopping almost becomes non-existent, kitchen storage is pretty much nil except for one kibble bin and a couple bowls and spoons, and healthy weight management is ridiculously simple. Please do not steal this idea, I may take it to the Dragon’s Den one day. Until I do, however, please check out my MMM Monday posts for some mouthwatering recipes!


Photo by Duy Hoang on UnsplashPhoto by Duy Hoang on Unsplash


Another area of life that I have thought to be unnecessarily complicated, is clothing. I have always been jealous of the crew of the USS Enterprise with their uniforms. (With the exception of those wearing red. You never want to be a redshirt!) Every day the Starfleet wear the same clothes. There is no time or stress wasted on choosing the right outfit, no one’s clothes are cooler than anyone else’s, you do not have to worry about your clothes going out of style, and you only need two outfits, one for wearing while the other one is being washed. Like food, we could streamline the planning, shopping, and storage of our clothes. Just look at all the time I have saved us that can now be spent laying on a beach somewhere warm. Well, except for the fact that we would either be naked or sweating in a uniform, and we could not drink anything but water so as not to interfere with our perfectly balanced kibble diet. There is that, and all Caribbean-bound flights have been cancelled due to Covid…

I am going to guess that the one-style-only method of dressing is not coming anytime soon so I will not recommend that you throw away all your clothes at this time. However, I would like to suggest a method that I use to help purge clothing. Reducing the amount of clothes you own, especially removing all the pieces that you have not worn for years, makes finding your outfit for the day much easier. This method helps you discover what you actually wear and what you do not. It is called the Reverse Hanger hack.


Photo by Andrej Lišakov on UnsplashPhoto by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash


How to Use the Reverse Hanger Hack to Help Purge Your Clothes

You start by simply reversing all the hangers with clothing in your closet so that the hanger opening faces you on the bar. If you have any clothing pieces doubled up, separate them so they have their own hanger. And that is all you do for now. When you wear a piece of clothing and go to put it back in your closet, hang the hanger as you normally would, with the opening facing away from you. This will distinguish the clothing you wear from the clothing you keep for any other reason.

At the end of a certain length of time, I recommend a year so that you cover all seasons, any piece of clothing on a reversely hung hanger is removed from the closet. Have a critical look at these pieces. There will be some articles that you will choose to keep even if they have not been worn; evening wear or perhaps a favorite sports jersey for example. But try to be perfectly honest as to whether an item is of enough value to take up space in the closet. Only put those few items back in and donate or sell the clothing that is no longer hung up. Now reverse all the hangers to start the process all over again for another year. I try to purge my closet around the time of my birthday because it is easy to remember each year, and it gives me space for any clothes I may buy myself as presents!

This method can be adjusted for clothing on shelves or in dressers. You can put a piece of paper, or other marker on top of a stack of clothing. Anything worn is placed on top of the paper in the stack. At the end of a year, any item that is still below the paper is removed.  In dressers, you can remove all the clothing into bins, placing worn items back into your drawers. If you do not have room for this, you can pin a safety pin to each piece and remove before wearing. All clothing with pins after a year, are gone.

This simple method takes only a few minutes to set up and there is no additional work involved until the allotted time passes. And by that time, most of the work has been done for you. However, I do recommend taking a moment to examine the clothes that you kept and the clothes that you purged. Find the similarities and differences in style, color, material, etc. Use this knowledge when you are considering buying new clothes. This can help to prevent you from buying clothes that are destined to only gather dust in your closet.

I still must figure out what food we are eating for supper each night, and I still take the time to decide on what to wear every morning. But deciding takes much less time and thought as each piece I am choosing fits and is a style I like. I hope that this hack will simplify your life a little bit.


Photo by jordi pujadas on UnsplashPhoto by jordi pujadas on Unsplash


"Live long, and prosper." -- Spock



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