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Should I have known that by now? 

Even at my age, I am learning new things everyday, but sometimes I am surprised that I did not learn some of these things earlier. How did I make it to this stage of my life without knowing this stuff? Should I have known that by now? This site is my way of sharing some practical tips, tasty recipes, vacation ideas, life accounts and random knowledge. Some stuff you will already know, some stuff you may never need to know, but hopefully you will find a few useful tidbits. If not, then I hope you will at least find some entertainment as I share my insights and stories. Welcome to my life!

Ozzie's One-Year Gotchaversary

Posted 11/30/2021

It is a bitter and blustery night in November 2020. The Boy and I are sitting in an Uber outside a cargo building at the Toronto International Airport. Shortly before midnight, we are waved up to the cargo doors and I am handed a shivering ball of fur. When I adopted Ozzie from the Dominican Republic, online, I had no idea he was this small and waif like. The first thought I have is that this is an unkempt rat they have handed me; but no, this is indeed my new dog.

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This Blog Is One Year Old

Posted 11/6/2021

Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer on UnsplashPhoto by Isabella and Zsa Fischer on Unsplash

This blog is one year old today.

I started Just J thinking it would be a good way to pass the time. It would be a place to share some of my experiences and some things I have learned (and am still learning) with the world. And, to be honest, I hoped to build a website that would make some money. I was out of work due to COVID, and this seemed like a good alternative to finding a new job.

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Peach Cake with Almond Glaze

Posted 9/13/2021

When the Girl’s boyfriend moved back to Alberta from the Okanagan, he brought us a case of BC peaches. The fruity smell filled my kitchen, and I was excited to bake with them. Before the peaches had time to be eaten or go bad, I made this fresh, summery cake twice and it was devoured almost immediately each time. I made an almond glaze for the second cake, and it was a very nice addition.

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Stock Tank Fishpond - Part 3 - Fish and Plants

Posted 6/11/2021

The stock tank fishpond is done and we are enjoying our little spot of tranquility in the city! All the planning,  labor, and expense have been worth it. Everyone in the family gravitates to this little water feature every time they go into the backyard. Hanging out on the deck has become a little more interesting and fun, and yet also more relaxing. I want to share with you the living part of the pond build; the plants and the fish.

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